Delegate discount plan

The tourism operators would like to say thank you, so they have a few special offers and tokens of appreciation available exclusively for the delegates! Have a look at the discounts here, and they are also available for download on your landing page at (click on the Destination St. John's logo)

  • Discounts in St. John's

  • Discounts outside of St. John's

  • Delegates – you will need to show your delegate badges in order to receive the offers.

    Local Tour Program

    The Promo Code “CDA2015” is now active and will be valid for the period August 18 through to September 04, 2015

    Booking Instructions (online – reservation by phone accepted)
  • Please visit http://www.gatheralls.com
  • Click on any of the “Book Now” buttons to access the online reservation system,
  • Click on the Promotion Code button and type in CDA2015
  • Click the green BOOK button in the bottom corner of the Puffin & Whale Watch activity (click on the INFO button next to it to get more info - itinerary, what to bring, etc.),
  • Follow through the booking options - select number of participants in each category / select the tour date / select departure time / etc.

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